Born, raised, educated, worked and currently resident in Perth, Western Australia.



Photography, travel, making things, playing with computers.



artists statement

Yes, I admit it. The images I present may never have existed with that combination of shapes

and colours at a single point in time if ever. It is not my desire or intent to document the world

as it exists from moment to moment. Even if it was, things are seldom perfect, especially it seems

at the times I’m there. Not all elements are present at the same time, or in exactly the right location.

I am not trying to be literal. I try to create what I imagine I would see if all the elements were present

in one moment. I try and make images as close to what I would have liked them to be as I can.

There are no hidden meanings or themes to make a point, although sometimes I may be making a comment.

I have no particular style that I recognise, various subjects just appeal to me. I just like to make images which I like.

I don’t have the imagination to completely make things up so I can’t start with a blank canvas.

But I can photograph and manipulate the things I see in the world around me.

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