The gallery exhibition space is an elongated almost triangular area with an entry at the "skinny" end.

The overall impression is quite striking.


Facing the entrance are two of the larger pieces: on the left is Digby's painting used on the invitation and on the right is my largest piece.  Unfortunately they were unsuitable, due to the different aspect ratios, for combination on the invitation so another of my photos was used for this purpose.

Main Entry 1417


Immediately on the left of the entrance are four photos and three paintings. Unfortunately in this photograph the glass in the frames, due to reflection, washed out the images .

LH Side Wall at the Entrance 1411


A group of windows separates this from the main wall on this same side which contains eleven of Digby's drawings and paintings :

LH Side Wall Main Section 1412


The large facing wall at the end of the triangle contains three of Digby's works and eight of my images in two groups of four.

 The lower right hand image "Skye Tree" in the right hand group of four has been purchased by the gallery for their permanent collection.

End Wall from Entrance 1413


To the immediate right of this display are three wall panels, the first of which contains eight of my small mounted and matted images with three larger framed works.

Happily the upper large image of my first group of images "Peinchorran Confrontation" has been sold once and the middle image "Highland Cattle" has been sold twice.

Several of the smaller mounted images have also been sold.

All of my images in this exhibition are limited to an edition of 5.

In the centre is one of Digby's larger paintings surrounded by 12 smaller works. Many of these have already been sold.

To the right are two of my larger images and six smaller mounted images.


RH Side Wall 1415


We are both extremely pleased with the reception of our works:


Digby and Clayton

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